My Story

Whether I’m working on a social media strategy or organizing the perfect advert for a brand, working in the ever changing industry of marketing is something I truly enjoy. Even when faced with a challenge, overcoming it and achieving the end result everyone hopes for is always worth the journey there. I’ve planned and managed many social media platforms, been in charge of content writing for in house newsletters as well as organized events and adverts. 

If it’s a form of digital marketing or project management (most of the time these are combined for the best results!) the challenge to achieving the end goal is something I am passionate about and I’m always looking for innovative ways to be better and go above and beyond client’s expectations.

My Experience

I’ve worked as a full time Digital Marketer after graduating from university with a degree in Marketing with Management. During my role I also achieved a diploma in digital marketing, utilizing ongoing social media marketing with project management for in house activities, whether it was part of my role or for events and collaborations for the company as a whole. I’ve also worked as a freelancer, offering social media marketing and project management for other digital marketing purposes.

Currently I am pursing a Masters degree in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship which is a highly pragmatic and hands on course, to further my knowledge on the business world and apply it to the industry I work in. I can’t wait to be a student again! Being able to study and directly apply what I’ve learnt to my work is even more exciting. 

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