Social Media

Developing marketing plans, creating engaging content, and managing campaigns – just a few integral parts of Paid Social Media Marketing. I’ve created and managed several accounts at Attard & Co, and still, work in the field as a Freelancer.

The Pulled Meat Company & Briju

As a Freelancer, I currently manage the social media platforms of both The Pulled Meat Company and Briju. While I have always formed part of a team, working entirely on my own has taught me that I am capable of both creating engaging content and being solely responsible for managing it.

La Molisana

A brand that was and still is close to my heart. Both Facebook and Instagram were set up for this pasta brand, with a social media schedule and ongoing promotions. Finding subtle ways to promote the brand and getting creative doing it was a blast!

Meet the Family

Meet the Family 💕 #PastaLaMolisana#lamolisanamalta #pasta #thefamily #leclassiche #leintegrali #lespeciali #glutenfree #extradilusso #lovepasta #malta

Geplaatst door La Molisana Malta op Vrijdag 15 juni 2018

Attard Co. Food

This was the first Facebook page I ever managed and was the first to ever create a detailed marketing plan for it. Many brands were promoted through the use of engaging posts, most of which were created in-house by the team.